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M. Salah

Game thoughts:

1) JR Smith is this year's Kenyon Martin. Not from an attitude standpoint, but I can already forsee that love/hate relationship. One game good, one game bad, etc. Took some stupid shots tonight, but then made huge shots, the steal late, etc.

2) Nice rebounding.

3) He wasn't the first and won't be the last -- Melo getting tossed. That will happen more often than not this year. Not by Melo alone, but by a lot of people as they adjust to the refs. I mean, we've seen Melo get pissed and take off that headband before. Never has it been a problem. I'm not saying the rule is bad, in fact it's great for the game. But yeah. I thought JR was going to get tossed in the third.

4) Nene could actually be good. The Nuggets may not have screwed that one up.

5) Heartbreaker of an ending! Thought they were going to pull it off without Melo.

6) Liked what I saw from Diawara. Minus the lack of offense, that is.

7) The offense will be interesting to follow. Obviously there is the shooting woes, but also the offense only really works when the other team misses. We need rebounds to pass out and get running. In the 2nd, Cassell got hot, was hitting everything, and we couldn't run because we had to inbound the ball, etc. So we'll need to see improved defense to really spark the offense.

I guess that's it for now. I'll think of more. Can't wait for the game tomorrow. At least we know Melo will be well rested.
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