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Originally Posted by azbroncfan View Post
Where did I say I thought Manning was better than Brady Football is a complete team sport and one guy even ELWAY can't win it all. Manning is a great QB regardless of the morons that rip on him and the only thing they can say is he hasn't won the big one. Your right but he is still a great QB. Was marino a great QB Who was better Montana or Young To say Manning isn't a great QB means you don't watch much football.
The opposite side of this argument is interesting, too. Aikman has 3 rings, and is the most underappreciated HOF'er you'll see in the modern era. Yet everyone makes a big deal about Brady having 3, as if he did it alone. So even rings don't answer anything. Despite having those three rings, NO ONE outside of Dallas has ever said Troy was the best of all time, or even in the discussion. Yet people are babbling about Brady as if he's bound to be the best, based on early career success.

Jim Kelly called his own plays for years, but no one called him a genius because of it. If Manning is a 'genius' its because he HAS to study so hard to be on top of his game. Physically, his skills are pro level but nothing extraordinary. So he makes up for it upstairs. Same thing with Brady. There's no one thing that really sticks out, but he makes plays. There's a quarterback law of nature that says:

Physical talent = less discipline
Mental ability = more discipline

Less gifted qbs study harder, work harder. More talented guys tend to be lazy and think they can rely on ability alone. But the true HOFers learn to balance the two and have all around game. It's like the old joke when you don't have as much physical talent, you can't lose as much late in your career. That being said, everyone dosen't age the same either. Some guys have more in the tank at the end.

If Dungy called the plays, would people be so breathless over Manning? Funny too, because coming out people weren't that impressed with him, and thought RYAN LEAF was better. Now he's hotter than sex, sliced bread and the hula hoop.

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