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Manning is a great QB. I don't think there is a better student of the game anywhere else that is PLAYING right now. He reads defenses masterfully. He knows where the weaknesses are and he takes advantage of them. And he doesn't make many mistakes. He also has a great arm...give him 4 seconds to throw and he will eat up any defense.

When he hangs up the cleats he will make a great offensive coordinator.... Maybe even a head coach. So, basically, you are playing a genius level, physically talented, on-the-field Offensive Coordinator-Quarterback.

Manning beat our defense ...mainly D Will...cause that is where the weakness was. I think he had an above average game....for him.
So our defense IS better. He had to go to .02 of the fourth to seal the win.

The last few times it was over at half time.

I hate him...but I hate him because he plays against us and makes us look bad....not because he is over-rated. He also plays on a team that has had a poor defense for most of his career. Last year Indy had all three phases, and ran into a HOT Pitt team on a roll. It may be fate...but I wouldn't count him out as a super bowl winner eventually.
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