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Originally Posted by Circle Orange View Post
Okay, I forgot about that one. But it was similar to this game, too. A narrow win over a terrible defensive performance. Peyton's been perfecting this for almost a DECADE so I EXPECT him to have games like this at times. Let's see...continuity at the wideout position, continuity at the O line position...Edge leaving may still be a factor down the road. And like that team that played a defenseless KC, they CAN'T STOP ANYBODY.

The only thing this proves is that the broncos, as I said before, are a bad matchup for the Colts. Against the Patriots, Chargers, Steelers, Jaguars and yes, Titans, they are just another very good team in the mix. All of these teams have held the mighty-master-of-perfection-and-all-things-exalted to 14 points or less more than once.

People act like Manning suddenly got good Sunday. So a perfect game in the regular season is the ticket to the hall of fame? He had one perfect game with ideal conditions and everything went well. Sharp yes, but NO ONE GOT NEAR HIM. Same thing with Brady in the Monday night game. Cripes, did Minnesota have Denver's defensive game plan? Just think talent and athleticsm is enough to stop a top qb without a pass rush? Bah, I don't like it...

A lotta sweaty mancrush is going on around here. I think a pic is in order.
I understand...the game on Sunday to me was pretty run of the mill cuz I watch the guy every week.
The Colts deserve every bit of criticsim til the make it and win the SB.
I don't think it is fair to lay it all at Mannings feet though. It takes every one to win it all and seeing them fall short every postseason is frustrating to say the least.
To me Peyton had a better than average day but he needed to it in order to keep up with you guys to win the game.
Flashbacks of 2003-2004 Colts defense is what I see out on the field.
No way can this team as it is right now win in the playoffs...we have seen it before.
I just hope they get it straightened out.

I agree the Broncos do not match up well just like the Pats don't match up to you...and for humors sake The Jags get owned by the Texans the majority of the time...
Or us to the Pats ...which is why we will most likely lose this weekend, I will be shocked if we win.
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