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It's okay, Pay-a-ton is just SWEEET and makes everyone crazy.

Pay-a-ton is the hottest, sexiest thing that ever walked. Hotter than tea, sweeter than honey. Sexier than chocolate on a bun. No man was ever more blessed. Estrogen practically explodes around him, and its said he even 'turns' the testosterone, too! It's a miracle he can walk the streets and not get attacked. Everytime I SEE him I just want to jump his bones and have my way. During the game I wanted to shred his uniform off just to get started. I even saw the referees slobbering on the sidelines.

Meanwhile, we can always sacrifice more goats and chickens to the football gods. This thing's gotta turn around sooner or later. And all hype aside, the Colts barely squeaked out a win. You'd think it was a 61-7 blowout or something.

And has anyone noticed Jake quietly under the radar this week
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