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Originally Posted by azbroncfan View Post
I've never seen a more accurate QB or a QB that is better at reading D's. He has the same title now as Elway had early is that he can't win the big one. Manning has several years ahead of him to try and win won and as much as I want him to break every passing record known to man and never even reach the SB, I think he will win one at some point or another.

Again, what 'big one'? Peyton has to GET to the freaking bowl in order to win it. And isn't this Manning's TENTH season? And it's interesting he consulted Elway on this matter, but you can't choreograph a career. It's the same argument people used with Marino. He went his rookie season, so SURELY he had plenty of time to get back and win one.

It's all John's fault...he started this crap. Now every qb that's played a long time without winning a super bowl thinks they can go out in a blaze of glory. But ain't none of 'em seven, and players aren't interchangeable. Vinne Freaking Testeverde even said he hung around after seeing how John went out. To some degree Favre, also. It's raydickulus.
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