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Malik Jackson

And for those who are claiming that other Bronco fans on this site are, let's see now, what has been the name calling - "idiots," "chicken littles," why don't we throw in "cut and run?" - try to get your head out of that warm, dark place. I don't hear anybody on this thread saying the season is over, the Broncos are history, or any of the other claims that some have used (although the reality is that by losing that game the Broncos have lost a few games in the home field advantage race). I know it's the political season, but that's no reason to take what fellow Bronco fans say and try and twist it into something else. The only complaint I hear on this thread is that the ONLY reason the Broncos lost that game is because the D didn't play well - as they have admitted to a man, Coyer effed it up, the Colts were lucky to walk out of our house with a three point victory, and that there is no need to post some knob slobber thread for Payaton.

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