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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
I disagree. From my understanding, our defense actually did make adjustments, and Manning reacted to those adjustments to the benefit of his team.

As far as worshipping a Marino clone, Marino wasn't half bad himself. I think Manning deserves the respect he gets. He's easily the best quarterback in the league today.
According to this AM's Post, Coyer made no adjustments at the half, or throughout the rest of the game. After holding the Colts to 6 in the first half, he didn't feel that he needed to make adjustments. Even when Manning got into a groove in the second half, no adjustments were made, no extra blitzer was added. Ekuban's quote was, "The coaches make calls, the players execute. We didn't do a good job of executing the plays to the best of our ability. I never blame coaches."

There were no blitzes. Those who saw them were imagining something that didn't happen. There were no adjustments. The DBs played off the WRs 5yards the entire game.

The idea that Manning is "easily" the best QB in the league today is absolute . How many rings does he have? How would Manning play if Harrison, Wayne & Clark were gone? It happened to Tom Brady. He's still winning.

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