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Originally Posted by Popps View Post
Really, I said it was the Superbowl? You'll have to show me that.

That said, the entire organization and everyone in the free press will tell you that this defense was constructed over the past three years almost solely with the idea of stopping this exact thing in mind. So, forgive us misguided non-Manning fans who were a little put off by our total failure.
What kind of bullshiat is this?

According to even you Popps, the biggest problem we have and the best way to stop Peyton is to have a front four that sacks the QB well.

This defense certainly isn't built that way, yes, even according to you.

Yeah, we do have a good secondary, but you need that against ALL teams. But Anubis is right in your original post. You're beginning to sound like a chef fan who's superbowl is the Denver game.
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