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Originally Posted by Popps View Post
Have you tried writing him a letter? He might send you an 8X10 glossy or something... maybe it'll have a little of his sweat on it?

What, oh... Rod Smith congratulated your idol? What's he going to say... our defense is garbage? We may as well not even filed defensive linemen in these games? I could pick apart a defense with 10 seconds to throw every ball? Yea, I'm sure Rod is just as doe-eyed over Manning as you are.

Gotta say, though. What other kind of behavior would you expect from a "hardcore" fan. I mean, your defense gets slapped around like a high school team after re-tooling the organization for three years to avoid this exact thing, and what's your reaction? Of course, a gushy love affair with the opposing quarterback. It's always about the quarterback. After all, that's the only position on the field.

Now THAT'S a passionate fan right there. Pimping the QB who continues to step on the throat of his team in every big game. Hey, if you can't beat them, join them... eh Taco?

So, in your great genius no one can appreciate another player in the NFL? Just players on his favorite team?
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