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Peyton Manning

Originally Posted by angryllama View Post
I dont know if you are perpetuating this stuff to generate hits on your site, but I would wager that it is doing more harm than good.

You seriously think I'm all that concerned with getting more hits to the site? We're getting more traffic than we've ever had in the history of the Mane. I don't even think about whether what I post generates traffic or not. I'm just a single poster here when you get right down to it. A drop in the ocean.

I'm not perpetuating anything that Broncos players themselves aren't perpetuating. Down to a man, they're all talking about how good Peyton was. It's the same story from Champ Bailey:

Bottom line: Peyton Manning is awesome. The guy went up against a very good defense, and shredded them. He's got our players respect, and he definitely has mine.
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