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Of course Taco blames Jake. He kept saying it all through this thread by listing it first in the reasons "if" (if the offense doesn't turn it over, if we don't go 3 and out to start the 3rd quarter, if we get one more stop).

This is classic Trolling 101. If Plummer had the exact same stats as Manning, he would be harping on the 2 incompletions on 3rd down. Considering we didn't stop them one time after the first possession of the game, considereing the Colts had just driven right down the field for a TD before the fumble so we actually did not have the momentum, and considering that manning could have scored a TD on the last drive if they needed it, it is pretty weak to pin things on a early third quarter fumble.

Watching the game with some friends who aren't bronco fans, I said if we lose a bid percentage of online fans will blame Plummer for this right here. They said those are idiot fans, and couldn't believe that would be the case.

I love how when we were winning in weeks 3-5 because of great D and the offense scored points late to win games, it was all about Kill Jake. Now, when the D plays ridiculously poorly against the Colts in a season when the Tennessee D and the Jags D both held the Colts O down in the dome, it is once again time to blame Plummer.

Also I don't see any Chicken Littles giving up. This is a common tactic among online bronco fans: make up a claim (people giving up) a attribute to your opponents, repeat it, then call them out for the made up claim. Standard RNC tactics.

I knew you people wouldn't let me down

PS - I wonder if Rod agrees with you about the QB position this year? (Hint: no)
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