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Originally Posted by -Slap- View Post
Back on the RMN board, you can bet your ass there were plenty of people bailing after that Pitt/Frisco road trip in 1997. I'm sure, to a fan, they remember their support as steadfast and unswerving.

I remember showing up to school in the DFW area the year following the 55-10 humiliating SB performance wearing Broncos gear and hearing about it continuously until early 1997.

One of my brothers is a Dolphins fan, one is a Vikings fan, and the other is a Redskins fan. The anti-Elway/Broncos ribbing that they delivered incessantly from 1985 until 1997 finally was silenced by TD, Elway, Sharpe, Rod and the boys. It's been a long trip, but the Broncos have delivered.
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