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Originally Posted by Pendejo View Post
Obviously it's conjecture, but an argument can be made that Addai wouldn't have had as much success with Warren in the middle...thus changing Indy's philosophy. Guys like that make a huge difference. Take Jamal Williams out of the Bolts lineup and see how well they play against any decent offensive team. Those hosses in the trenches make everything work. When they're commanding double teams...that leaves 10 defensive players to 9 offensive...that's significant.

As far as people harping on the negative...I've been a member of the 'mane long enough to know that a good many of it's members are incredibly high strung. It doesn't take much to set them off. These same people (if they're old enough to remember) probablly jumped ship in '97 after the Donks got embarassed by the '49ers on Monday Night Football. To hell with them.

I was a Donks fan long before the 'Mane was a twinkle in Taco John's QWERTY row. This loss isn't even close to a terrible loss. A terrible loss is the game they lost to Tampa Bay at home in '93...etc.
Back on the RMN board, you can bet your ass there were plenty of people bailing after that Pitt/Frisco road trip in 1997. I'm sure, to a fan, they remember their support as steadfast and unswerving.
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