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Originally Posted by spdirty View Post
I know, but given the mood around here with a bunch of threads and posts from the "experts" whom I wonder if they even watched the game, I couldnt resist. Jake played his ass off today.

I can't blame a certain player or coordinator for this one. We had em where we wanted em, and a couple slips cost us.
AHA! A few posts down, I see someone post that stops that maddening drumbeat a little bit. Man, if the D could have just come up with the few opportunities given them, or not slipped up on a couple of plays, bingo! Another win. Dammit! Got-freaking-dammit! It was so close! I was furious when DW got beat for Indy's last TD, but not because he got beat, but because he closed fast after the stop and go, and all he had to do is turn his head, and he could have intercepted that pass, would have been the play of the game.

Oh yeah, this thread is about Peyton. Good QB. Real good. Gotta hand him some credit. A very good O, period.
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