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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
So you want me to hack on our defense, the only reason why we've got 5 wins? That's awesome. We lose our first game of the year because of underperformance by our defense, and Popps, Shack and Co are shoving women and children out of the way on their way to the life boats.

Our defense absolutely let us down yesterday. But it wasn't a disaster by a long shot. If we don't turnover the ball, or manage one more stop, we walk out of that game with a win. We got beat by a good team with a great quarterback, and we were in it until the end.

I don't know where anybody got the idea that we're going to beat the Colts every time we face them. We'd beat that team maybe 50% of the time right now. They're not indestructable. We'll have another shot at them.
at home, when our offense finally plays good against them, yes, I do expect us to win, but once again

our D takes a big ole crap all over the field when we play a good offense
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