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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Popps View Post
Really, with that ****-can QB we've got? Wow.

Gosh, it just took a good ass-whooping to get you in a good mood about the team.

As for "we were one away."

We had 3 different times to protect a lead or a tie after the early forced fumble.

Did we stop them one time in the second half?

Fantasy land: "We didn't stop them all day, but had we not turned the ball over in the 2nd quarter, we would have suddenly stopped them the rest of the day.
Got it ?
You may well be right Popps, though I hope not, and the next 4 or five games will likely determine if you are. But if so, and we are shackled with a defense that will get shreaded in the playoffs and a hot and cold offense, you've just made the best argument yet for making best use of our time with the new kid! :-)

Unless folks just want to collect fantasy points and bragging rights about 'their guy' whoemever that may be.

Seriously though, JAke will be the starter unless your point is proven beyond any doubt in the next several games.

They just called my flight ... over and out and Aloha.

Heres hoping for an 8-2 record when I get back!
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