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Originally Posted by Hulamau View Post
Good post Natedogg, how did you find the game on I havnet been there yet but am at the airport in Honolulu now getting ready to board to LOOONG flight to London and would give my right arm to be albe to watch the next three games while in Southern England and Wales.

And tips would be msot appreciated by you or anyone else that knows that system while I'm still on this ariport business lounge computer. Thansk t owhomever has thte scoop on how to find the game!

Also Its not that Darrent isnt necessarily 'good enough', I think he is or atleast is on his way to being a great atheletic corner, but its that he is TOO SMALL!

He can handle most run of the mill and even some decent WR with the typical QB but the taller and bigger guys give him trouble and with an accurate QB its tough on anyone and until he domiantes a few of those he will continue to be picked on mercilessly.
The kicker is having a faste enough conncetion... 1 megabit is no problem... less works, but is annoying.

check out this threat on

Streamtvnow is usually posts around 8 games a sunday (usually broncos games) but you have to pay 3 euros a month and i dont think they are accepting new members right now.

sopcast is almost guarenteed to have streamed broncos games for free. check out this the link listed above and this site for the specific channel it will be broadcasted on. (you select it after you have dled and installed the program)

post or send me a pm if you need more help.

I have a good feeling we'll get a w next week.
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