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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Natedogg View Post
Well I watched the game in moscow over with a ****ty internet connection which i had to keep refreshing every 3 minutes. I was certainly pissed/heartbroken/wanted to kill dwill and the dline at the end.

After a day to ponder the game... i agree with taco, peyton manning is the best qb in the league. I also have faith (call me a homer) that next time we play, warren will have a big inpact and the dline will get at least one sack, and if they throw the goddanm ball to dwill 13 times he will get a pic.

That said, i am extremely dissapointed that i didnt at least see him get a deflection. And in this thread, at least, I have see nothing but excuses for dwill. I understand the defense that coyer called put a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. I just thought that by the way he wore a mohawks and acted/talked like deon sanders he was up for it (i had thought that socal's earlier indepth inalasysis was mistaken) Hopefully if we play again, he will man up. If not, our defense is probably, fked for a few years.

EDIT: PS. Yes, please do mock my avatar. I deserve it. I will be changing it soon.

PPS I do still HATE peyton manning

Good post Natedogg, how did you find the game on I havnet been there yet but am at the airport in Honolulu now getting ready to board to LOOONG flight to London and would give my right arm to be albe to watch the next three games while in Southern England and Wales.

And tips would be msot appreciated by you or anyone else that knows that system while I'm still on this ariport business lounge computer. Thansk t owhomever has thte scoop on how to find the game!

Also Its not that Darrent isnt necessarily 'good enough', I think he is or atleast is on his way to being a great atheletic corner, but its that he is TOO SMALL!

He can handle most run of the mill and even some decent WR with the typical QB but the taller and bigger guys give him trouble and with an accurate QB its tough on anyone and until he domiantes a few of those he will continue to be picked on mercilessly.

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