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Peyton Manning

Originally Posted by angryllama View Post
No, he just has this lingering archetypal obsession with QB's of Elway's stature. And while all of us appreciate and relish the moments we had watching the greatest of all-time marshall our offense to wins from unfathomable depths, people like Taco John cannot recognize the rarity of such players and appreciate what is here NOW.

Taco John is the typical fan of individual players. He would rather watch individual players display their talents than watch his team win. That's what he appreciates, that's what he wants.

He's not a fan of the Broncos, he's a fan of the idea of great players playing for the Broncos.

I just can't express how lucky we are to have such a talented mind reader as part of the Orange Mane. Kreskin has nothing on you, Llama.
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