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Peyton Manning

Originally Posted by Popps View Post
Really, with that ****-can QB we've got? Wow.

Gosh, it just took a good ass-whooping to get you in a good mood about the team.

As for "we were one away."

We had 3 different times to protect a lead or a tie after the early forced fumble.

Did we stop them one time in the second half?

Fantasy land: "We didn't stop them all day, but had we not turned the ball over in the 2nd quarter, we would have suddenly stopped them the rest of the day.

Got it.

For what it's worth, I'm in the same mood about the team this week as I was last week, the week before that and etc. This one loss to a good team doesn't change my feelings that we're still a playoff team who's probably a piece or two away from winning it all.

I thought that game was a nailbiter, but I didn't walk away from it feeling any different about our team than I felt any other week. We were one defensive stop, or one less turnover away from winning the game. That was a good team out there, and we just about matched them point for point.
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