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Peyton Manning

Originally Posted by Tredici View Post
I think I understand the sentiment here. Peyton might drive me nuts with all the antics at the line but you have no doubt you are watching a QB in command of the game. You also have no doubt if you put the ball in his hand with the game on the line he'll do everything he can to find a way to beat you. (Ahh... I remember the days of that type of confidence...)

Cry about the defense all you want. The fact is this defense was put together to stop the Indy offense and they still can't do it. This is a defense built to capitalize on offensive mistakes or non-execution. They couldn't force Indy into a mistake and the Colts are disciplined enough to not make silly errors on their own.

If appreciating Manning's talents (even in a stingy, begrudging way) makes me seem less of a Denver fan to some, well, you know the saying about opinions and a$$holes...

Nice post Tredici. I didn't want to let this slip in the sea of misery that this thread is becoming. We put our base defense out there and tried to punch them in the mouth. Every time we got crafty, Peyton exposed us.

I think it would have been a better situation if we had Warren in the game tying up guys and freeing more rushers. We lost by three points and were in the game until the end. If our defense stops a drive, or our offense eliminates their turnover, we could have won this game. We're close, just not there yet.
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