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Peyton Manning

Originally Posted by Mile High Shack View Post
our defense is not as good as we thought it was

sure Payaton is a great QB, but c'mon

look at the teams we played, NE was still in transition and so were the rams when we played them, other than that, all the offenses were crap

we played a good offense finally and got exposed

we are an average defense, nothing more, nothing less....pure average......we aren't even very good as you put it

Our defense is the only reason we're not 0-7 right now. Yeah, they had a bad game against the best quarterback in the game today, but that doesn't make them average. For crying out loud, Chicago just about blew it against the freaking Cardinals.

You and Popps and whoever else have written off the season because we blew a game by three points to the best team in the league can mope around deriding the only reason we're even in the hunt right now if you choose. That's up to you guys. Me, I'm going to give credit to the other team for having a hell of a game against a hell of a team, and eagerly wait for the rematch.
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