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Peyton Manning

What you see as a devestating loss, I see as a step forward. At least this time our offense showed up to play some football. That was encouraging. This is how our past games would have been if our offense had shown up. Maybe still losses, but at least we'd have a shot at the end.

As far as this team being built to beat the Colts, that's a media creation. This team isn't geared for any particular team. It's an assembly of the best talent we could get in the situation we were in. Perhaps if Jake wasn't such a turnip in the last four playoff outings, Shanahan would have felt confident enough in him to forego drafting Cutler, and instead picking up a DE.

In any case, I think the results would have been different if we had Gerrard Warren tying guys up front, and freeing some rushers. That didn't happen, and whenever we sent a blitz, Peyton Manning would make us pay for it.

Peyton deserves a lot of credit. They've got one of the absolute worst defenses in the league, and they're still undefeated.

I still believe we've got a good defense. They're still the reason we've got 5 wins, and we haven't seen the last of their dominating style of play. We're not facing Peyton Manning every week.
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