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Originally Posted by Popps View Post
Exactly. It's not like yesterday was a coming out party for Manning. We just made it particularly easy for him... easier than average.

We've built this defense up for three years for this game, and in the end... the Titans allowed less points to the Colts than we did. (That's with the Titan offense only scoring twice in the game.)

I mean, people can get all doe eyed over Manning if they want. Whatever works for you. To me, that's like watching a car run over your dog... and then standing above your dead dog saying, "gee, nice car."
Yup, man it's proven how to beat peyton. Have a decent line that can bring pressure and force them to punt at least a few times. Peyton and the recievers take up so much of their salary they have a crap ass defense that gets run over against playoff caliber offenses. It's clear Denver's defensive line is still as crappy as it's ever been. Until Shanny finally addresses the Defensive line we pretty much have to accept great passing attacks like Peyton will be beating us.
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