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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Mile High Shack View Post
no, I don't understand the payaton love while not ripping our D for not trying to do something.

we were #1 rated based on playing powder puffs obviously b/c we just got exposed, it's not like he hasn't ripped our D before

the fact is, he can be slowed down, you act like he is the best football player in the history of the game, which is a crock.

and no, he isn't the best player by a decent margin, do you drool when you think of his peanut head in your hands?

I think LT and LJ are better, if he most valuable, that's for sure, b/c w/o him, the colts would lose about 45-26 every game.
A big part of why our D got ripped had to do with a lousy scheme that should have been s-canned at the half, but wasn't. Not to mention some really lousy tackling. The key point is the Broncos put up no pass rush whatsover and an NFL QB took them apart. That's either kudos to their Oline, or thumbs down to our Dline or D coordinator. Not to mention, the Colts won on a last second field goal they should never have had the opportunity to try. It's not like they stomped the Broncos 41 to zip, or something. Our coaches were brain dead, our LBs forgot how to tackle, our D coordinator suddenly went senile, and STILL, the most powerful offense in the NFL was only able to squeak out a three point win.
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