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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Popps View Post
It's been posted here. Not on this thread but others. Literally.

Hey, if people can watch our D taken apart in a disgraceful performance like that and then just praise Peyton Manning, more power to them.

Personally, I'd rather figure out how to beat his ass in a big game like teams have done for the last 8 years.

This has to be the only team forum in the league where this kind of stuff flies.
Can you imagine someone on a Jets forum posting an "I love Manning" thread after he just dismantled their defense?

Takes all kinds.

No kidding. It's like being in the friggin Twilight Zone. Hey, the Raiders just kicked your ass. Let's all get down on our knees and give Al Davis the old knob polish. Maybe in a few weeks we'll be able to discuss how wonderful LJ is? How about a thread, "The Many Reasons I Love Ladainan Tomlinson?"
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