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Originally Posted by NaptownChief View Post
You are the only one making silly comments....."h I don't understand why all the Peyton love...". , maybe because he is the best player in the game by a decent margin, just ripped the #1 rated defense apart and most people have no trouble admiting such.
no, I don't understand the payaton love while not ripping our D for not trying to do something.

we were #1 rated based on playing powder puffs obviously b/c we just got exposed, it's not like he hasn't ripped our D before

the fact is, he can be slowed down, you act like he is the best football player in the history of the game, which is a crock.

and no, he isn't the best player by a decent margin, do you drool when you think of his peanut head in your hands?

I think LT and LJ are better, if he most valuable, that's for sure, b/c w/o him, the colts would lose about 45-26 every game.
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