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Originally Posted by Popps View Post
It's been posted here. Not on this thread but others. Literally.

Hey, if people can watch our D taken apart in a disgraceful performance like that and then just praise Peyton Manning, more power to them.

Personally, I'd rather figure out how to beat his ass in a big game like teams have done for the last 8 years.

This has to be the only team forum in the league where this kind of stuff flies.
Can you imagine someone on a Jets forum posting an "I love Manning" thread after he just dismantled their defense?

Takes all kinds.

I give credit to Payaton, he can confuse the hell out of Coyer, that is for sure.

Payaton is a good QB, but not unbeatable.

I looked at our previous foes this year and how our "vaunted" D built up their stats

St. Louis--new offense, they were trying 3 step drops and Bulger later said he wanted to try some 7 step drops like last year...and they are much better on offense

KC--first game as full time starter

NE--still getting hang of no WRs worth a darn, I doubt we'd hold them to 7 points again

Bmore---enough said, their offense stinks

Oakland--they are worse on offense

we play a good defense and the real Coyer D shows up, the inconsitant, looking loss and confused and befuddled D coordinator shows up.

I'm all for the hate on Jake, fact is, until this game, he played bad, but I think the real issue is just how bad our D looked against a real offense, considering most of our recent money was spent on that side
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