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Ryan Clady

Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
When you get right down to it, he's the reason we lost today... Not our offense. Not our defense. Not our adjustments. Not our non-adjustments. Not a fumble, not a blown pass coverage.

It was Peyton Manning, who kept answering the challenge play after play. They've got a great offense and will definitely be a team contending late this year. My hat goes off to them, and to Peyton Manning, the closest thing to John Elway in the game today.
What a great way to be competitive Taco. Lets just bow down to the Colts when we meet them in a game next year, because I'm sure thats what Shanahan is thinking right now. Yeap, thats how you deal with adversity in life isn't it? You give up and say "oh well i tried".

I got news for anyone still not willing to accept it, This defense played its ass off, including Darrent and got absolutely leveled because simply:

Lack of personell and scheme.

There was not an execution problem, its not hard to execute man cover with one or two stunts and loops on the front line. The whole damn Orangemane comes on to these boards after each win and complain Jake this, Jake that, our offense sucks while we were on a 5 game winning streak. Now this team shows its true weakness, its only weakness and the only reason its lost all those playoff games all along...

Our defense is all smokes and mirrors. Football is won and lost in the trenches.
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