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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
When you get right down to it, he's the reason we lost today... Not our offense. Not our defense. Not our adjustments. Not our non-adjustments. Not a fumble, not a blown pass coverage.

It was Peyton Manning, who kept answering the challenge play after play. They've got a great offense and will definitely be a team contending late this year. My hat goes off to them, and to Peyton Manning, the closest thing to John Elway in the game today.
Amen to that Taco, sure we could have possibly won with just a couple of key plays on defense and on offense late in the game, but this is one where we saw a master at work in peak form.

Manning and the Colts seemed ready to answer whatever we threw at them and as they said in their postgame that Manning is so good at reading defenses and is so accurate he simply goes after whatever the defense gives him and that knowledge by the rest of the team that he has it covered makes them all relax and play looser knowing they don't have to go out individually and win the game.

Heres a quote from Shanny postgame:

Later, Shanahan politely refused to rank Manning against John Elway, Joe Montana and other Hall of Fame quarterbacks with whom the Broncos coach has worked on NFL sidelines and in meeting rooms.

"But I guarantee you one thing," Shanahan said of Manning. "He amazes me."

While Jake Plummer gave by far his best performance in nine months, I'll guarantee you something else. It hurt Plummer's job security in Denver when Shanahan spent a week at the Pro Bowl last winter with Manning, and was reminded firsthand what a QB who can be a coach on the field can do for a team with championship aspirations.

"You can't overemphasize how good the quarterback is," Colts coach Tony Dungy said.

Manning beats you with all the small things.
What is ironic is we have NE's number, Indy has our number and NE has Indy's number!! Go Figure!

Lets see if that holds true again as Indy plays NE next weekend.

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