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Originally Posted by cabronco View Post
I had a hard time deciphering where our d-lineman were when Manning was back to pass. I swear they were getting engulfed by the Colts O-line . Not only that , the colt line would strategically push the defenders in certain areas of the pocket to give Manning a throwing alley you could drive any automobile through. This was 99% of the time. A few blitzes may have helped, but may have allowed them to rack up more points too. It was painfully obvious to me, once again, our D-line needs more than one talented player.
The entire D had a lousy game yesterday, tackling, guys wide open. It was bad timing to have an off day on D. The front line is what it is.
I agree with an awful lot of this. Our D-Line was absolutely controlled. And you hit it dead on. They were guided completely out of the passing lanes which gave Manning a perfect view of the field. Our DEs may as well have been playing in Littleton and Boulder.
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