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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by NaptownChief View Post
But doing that obviously isn't something that many can do....It is like saying to stop the running game all you need is four defensive lineman that are 6'5" 375lbs, have the quickness of LT, the speed of Steve Smith and the strength of Rulon Gardner and the competitive desire of Michael Jordan. Come on this isn't rocket science, just go get those four guys and we will shut down the run.
You don't have to disrupt every single pass. You don't have to hit him every time he drops back. But you do have to do it a couple of times. Okay? How about once? One friggin time. On third and long. Is that too much to ask? Stop one effin drive. Just one.

You have to be able to break a series. The Colt's punter should give back yesterday's game check. Or split it with Denver's D.
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