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Originally Posted by Mile High Shack View Post
coulda would should about Pitt, if Bettis wouldn't of choked at fumbled at the 1 yard line, then that FG wouldn't of mattered

you do what you do, you hit Payaton in the mouth and disrupt his timing, somethign Coyer can't figure out how to do...he did once, in 2003, we sacked Payaton about 3 x's and we won

and if the Colts had a decent defense Bettis' fumble wouldn't have mattered. I don't see where the team outcome has anything to do with your point about taking Manning out of his game...Giving up 290 yards and no turnovers isn't exactly taking someone out of their game. Sure, it isn't the beat downs he keeps giving you guys but 290 yards is the equivalent of a 4,640 yard season over 16 games.
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