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Originally Posted by Mile High Shack View Post
I don't get the Payaton love here TJ

he is a great QB, but you hit him in the mouth and try to disguise coverages, rather than just playing straight up zone, you can beat him

Look at NE and Pitt, what they normally do to him.

we did none of that and Coyer failed to normal against a good offense

That sure sounds good but reality is that it is nothing more than talk. What did Pitt do to him? He threw for 290 yards a TD and 0 INT's. If they had Adam V in that game instead of Vandershank they probably win.

Only Bill Bellichick has been able to make Manning look bad and that took one of the best teams in the last couple decades to do that.

You act like Coyer is too stupid and you have the answers. Coyer is one of the best DC's in the business. He has made adjustments but the reality is that Manning counter-adjusts and continues to pick teams apart.

If you don't get the Manning love from TJ then it is because you know little about football or you are letting your hate for Manning completely cloud your vision.
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