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Originally Posted by Mile High Shack View Post
I don't get the Payaton love here TJ

he is a great QB, but you hit him in the mouth and try to disguise coverages, rather than just playing straight up zone, you can beat him

Look at NE and Pitt, what they normally do to him.

we did none of that and Coyer failed to normal against a good offense
And San Diego did it, too. If you have a dominating d line and active linebackers (esp a 3-4) and crack that sucker in the lip he doesn't look so immortal. Peyton's greatest talent is mental, not physical. Timing is his game. Knock him on his square assed hips, and watch the whining. He's a great qb, but this sudden mania I can't figure either. It's not like he hasn't done this before, and the Colts always seem to beat the Broncs lately. But the media is acting like this is some 'eye opening' experience.
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