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Manning has a great O-line and they did a great job here yesterday. Even Jake would be able to put up good numbers behind it.

But, the great line is not the only reason he wins.

The guy is the best QB in the game none! And YES he is a hall of famer. You can't put up the numbers he does every year and not be great at your job.

So far he hasn't been able to get to the bowl.....but this may be the year. Indys Defense is suspect, and they rely too much on the pass. So Manning has just gone out and won every game this year. Remind you of anyone?

I hope they beat NE this week, in fact I think they will. We are probably playing for 2nd place, guys, so let Indy have home field. Maybe B-more can take them out.

We all might hate him, cause he beats us like a drum,....but I bet everyone here would love it if he came and played for us!

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