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Shanahan wtfpwns me

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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
You're probably right, stylewise. But I'm talking field presence, which I think Elway had over Marino in spades. I think Peyton beats everyone in the league there, and most players throughout history.

We're watching a hall of famer in action here. I don't think enough people keep that in perspective when they watch the guy play ball.

Hall of famer or not the Defensive game plan on him as Tom Jackson said was "Vanilla"..The just stayed in one spot and didn't try to disguise anything(what happend to all the movement we used to have), that also had to be the worst Blitz D (When they actually tried to blitz) that I have ever seen.. You can't start to Blitz 5 yards off the ball (when you do deside to come) and expect to get to Manning, he is way to good. Add that to the fact that our Defense looked confused at times (Especially DWill and Lynch) and our run defense was absolutly horribe as was our tackling and you just have one horrible defensive effort.

I will not try to sit here and say Manning is not good.. To be honest with you I think when its all said in done in terms of what he can do I think he will be 1 or 2 alltime at the QB posistion, he is just that damn good. Not many QB's can call a game and beat a team, not many at all. But I think our Defense could have done a hell of alot better but they were too scared that they would get burned... Sad thing is instead of getting burned they got dissected..
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