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Back to the topic at hand.

Zach KC and Bob please exit stage left and thank you!


Marino won with less talent than Manning because he was plain and simply more talented. Marino to me is the best pocket or pure passer I've ever seen.

His arm strength, release, pressence, field vision was amazing. It was trully dissapointing as a fan of the NFL that he never won a ring especially in the latter part of his career, once Elway had won his.

You give Marino the Bills teams of the 90's and he would have won atleast one ring.


Thats the whole thing, Manning is amazing at a level that Plummer has no idea about and never will be.

Lets Stop playing the blame game and realize it is what it is.
Like Slap said, Manning is Robot, Plummer is goof who plays football for a living and has other interests in life. Manning is a Quarterback 24hrs of the day all the time.

Thats the why its so idiotic to try to blame the D. Thats a freakin joke, Manning can't be stopped, only the dude that does is Bellicheck and Manning will most likely beat him this year.

Pittsburgh got lucky and they have a franchise QB. So it helps to be lucky and good.
Plus Indi had some weird stuff happen to them down the stretch that affected their team psyche.

The reason they won is Peyton Manning.
The reason we lost is Peyton Manning.

We didn't have one on the field today...but we will soon.

That is what pisses me off the most, now I know how Browns fans felt back in the days.

Blame it on the D...pifff what a joke...and Plummer played great right?

dang im pissed especially at the never ending stupid a$$ excuses for Plummer.

The dude is straight up average at best and I can't wait for Cutler to play and put an end to this played out argument.

I cant wait to fully blame Cutler atleast I know it's not Plummer anymore. It's gotten worse than Griese.

Atleast I knew Griese had no heart so u had an explanation, with Plummer we HAVE to accept that we dont have the guns to compete.

it is what it is.

Jake Plummer
Peyton Manning
Tom Brady
Ben Rothlisberger
Donovan McNabb
Jake Delohme
Trent Dilfer
Kerry Collins
Kurt Warner
Steve McNair
Rich Gannon
Brad Johnson
Matt Hasslebeck
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