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Like I have said all along, there is no reason to hate Peyton Manning. The man is unfreaking real. When we tied the game at 31, you knew he was going to march that team right down the field.

But also, you have to give up for his offensive line. He had a pocket to throw the ball from all game long. I don't know if we even touched him in the last three quarters and he threw the ball 30 something times! Amazing.

If we were able to put some pressure on Manning, we could have made him look like most qbs that play us -- befuddled. But come on, he had upwards of 8 seconds sometimes to throw the ball. Plummer on the other hand has to scramble for his life everytime he drops back. Its just a fact.

I still can't believe Mediator12 says that Plummer has as much time to pass as Manning. That is a complete joke. Everybody saw the game today. The game was won in the trenches and Manning's O'line owned all game long. Without that offensive line, Manning isn't as half as good as he is. When you allow QBs to sit back and scan the field while eating a sandwhich, 90% of the guys in this league are going to kill you. Manning missed like 6 passes out of 40 attempts. GOOD GAWD!!!

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