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Actually, General Kruger was relieved of duty for objecting to McArthurs obbsession with the Phillipines. And I never said he was a 5 star general.

He felt that a war of attrition wasn't the right way to reduce American casualties. As General of the Southern Command in Australia, he protected that guy till he could jump in the the water like he was taking the Phillipines back, the whole thing was orchestrated for the media.

Want to know another thing? The Phillipines were never taken, a little known fact. The war ended before they were cleared. They had no strategic value, other than to comfort McArthurs bruised ego. We should of just gone for the throat by taking Okinowa and skipping the island hopping like Tarawa and Iwo Jima. It's called a flanking manuver. There was no reason to do that, and Nimitz couldn't stand him (McArthur)...he felt that his fleet could cut the head off the snake and simply cut off the enemies supplies and allow them to die on the vine.

60+K posts is a rather dubious honor. I'm not exactly spending my time for the elderly or serving in Iraq. I do think this place is the best sports forum on the planet, with some very knowlegable folks, who generally know 10x what the east coast talking heads present as "insider" information. We are so hard wired into this team we can literally sense things like if Jake has a case of the sinffles. Or is going blind.

Big games for the Broncos and Hornheads this week. HUGE game for Denver. A win puts us in first place in the conference I think. Of course, we never make it easy on ourselves....We ARE favored in Vegas...that's why the talkin' heads all picked against us. f*** em. Go Broncos!

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