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Default I Can't Believe Nobody Notified Me Of The Nuggs Being On TNT!

So there am I, bored with the World Series and checking the guide. What do I see on TNT, but Pre-season Basketball. Upon hitting info, I come to find out the Nuggets are playing!

I missed the whole first half, but caught the 3rd and most of the 4th. I had to turn it off, because the scrubs were in, and eh, you know.

Anyways. J.R. Smith might be serviceable/even maybe good. Melo was on fire, per usual. I'm creeping back on to the Kenyon Martin bandwagon.

Nene played like one expensive bag of poo. Hopefully he gets better.

I also came to realize that one of two things needs to happen:
1) When my family switches to satellite, we need to demand Altitude
2) I'm shelling out for NBA League Pass

That is all.
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