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Looks like a bunch of Omaners managed to get down to the Pepsi Center last night to catch Ovechkin's lone appearance in Denver until 2010-'11 (nice schedule your league has there, Gary).

I was at the Can last night as well and Ovechkin was certainly worth the price of admission (there were a ton of empty seats last night, such a shame).

My family used to have season tickets in the lower bowl, so I never realized how stupid the Avalanche/Pepsi Center's policy is of not letting people with tickets upstairs to at least watch warm-ups from ice level. I had tickets in the upper level last night and had to sneak past an usher to get down to watch the Caps and Avs have their pre-game skate. I know that the Florida Panthers encourage fans with tickets upstairs to watch warm-ups from ice level.

As far as the game itself, the Avs blew what should have been 2 points. Games like this are going to keep them from making the playoffs. I thought Brisebois, Clark, Skrastins and Vaananen were all awful last night and essentially lost the game for Colorado. The first goal Budaj let in was terrible, but he played decent the rest of the night, stopping one breakaway, a penalty shot and a couple of 2-on-1's. It sucks that Leopold had the setback -- this team needs all the help it can get on the blueline. Ossi should be ashamed that he got schooled by, of all people, Donald Brashear to put the game away.

It's nice to have a center in Paul Stastny that can actually win important faceoffs.

On the opening faceoff I noticed the two number 8's lined up right next to each other. One is the future of the NHL and the other is the future of the Avalanche.

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