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Originally Posted by Jens1893 View Post
It apparently was on ESPN Radio before Game 3 of the World Series last night and according to one of the guys the Rockies a few years ago discussed the following trade with the Toronto Blue Jays

Pedro Astacio and Jose Jimenez for Chris Carpenter, Vernon Wells AND Roy Halladay

Rockies management then apparently decided not to pull the trigger as they felt Astacio was too popular with the fans. Can this be true? Apart from the fact Carpenter and Halladay probably wouldīve bombed and left once they wanted to make more than minimum wage, this couldīve been a trade of Forsberg-esque proportions.
Who reported this? I'm not sure I can believe it since Pedro Astacio was never that popular with the fans to begin with. And he wouldn't have been nearly as popular as Roy Halladay, who pitched for Denver suburban high school Arvada West.
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