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Chad Kelly

Oh contraire monfrair, Sebastian Telfair is quite the shooter. Let us examine his preseason stats:

7 games, 7 starts
26.9 minutes
14.1 pts
4.1 assists
1.57 steals
2.00 rebounds
.795% FT
.750% 3pt (8 makes out of 10 attempts WOW)
.547% FG

And I'm not going to even pimp his meaningless summer league stats where he made the first team. It is quite evident that Sebastain Telfair is having, BY FAR, the best preseason of any rookie this year. But wait, you say, "Gonzo, Telfair is not a rookie." STOP! Telfair is YOUNGER than Randy Foye, Brandon Roy, Sheldon Williams, LaMarcus Aldrige, Adam Morrison and is the same age as Tyrus Thomas. It is only fair to compare Telfair with this class because he was traded for the 7th pick.

Like I had told everyone earlier, had Sebastian matriculated at Louisville and entered the 2006 NBA draft, he would have been a top three pick. Everybody was down on him because he was the first player EVER under 6'1" to try to make the jump from high school to the NBA. He still averaged 9 pts and 3 assists per game during his first two years in the league. Sebastain put up those numbers against the greatest players in the world. If he went to college, I'm quite sure he would have averaged 20 pts and 7 assists per game.
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