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Originally Posted by Jori View Post
I'm not disagreeing that Theodore is medicore, but he is only part of the problem. I totally put the Chicago game on Jose, but the game last night was a total team melt down.

What does he being French Canadian have to do with anything? They didn't have an issue shipping Tanguay's ass out of town.
Just a reference to them having a love for mediocre/washed up/worthless French Candian players since the lockout ended (Lappy was signed before the lockout, he doesn't count). Tanguay doesn't fall into any of those categories.

My reasoning is that I expected the Avs defense to be average, at best, this season. There's no big name, big money guys amongst them and there's a reason for that. Theodore is a big name, big money goaltender who is supposed to be a difference maker. Unfortunately, he's played a lot more like Phil Sauve than Patrick Roy.

It also goes back to the fact that I never wanted him here in the first place. His salary is an anchor around this team's neck and his performance hasn't done anything to change my opinion of that.
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