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Default Flyers start the "gutting process"

What an awful start to a season huh? The Flyboys are currently 1-6-1 through the first 8 games. A few nights ago, they waived, Baumgartner, Dimitrokis, and Nedved. Flyers owner was quoted as saying "this is just the start". Well, he wasn't lying.
Earlier today, The Flyers gutted the front office. They fired head Coach Ken Hitchcock and GM Bob Clarke "resigned". Paul Holgren (a one time Flyer great) will take over the GM duties and John Stevens was called up from the Phantoms to take over the head coaching duties.

It was only a matter of time Flyers fans. Once the NHL switched to speed skating with pucks and pads, the Flyers days as a consistent cup contender were numbered. They aren't the only one's. Teams like Toronto, New Jersey, Colorado, Detriot and Boston will suffer as well. When you draft players for the last 15 years that fit the big, tough, grinding type forwards and defenseman and then your league changes it's look basically overnight, you will surely suffer sooner or later. The Flyers are now suffering.

Thankfully, the Flyers have an owner who will not sit on his ass and do nothing. Ed Snider will not sit back and watch this team become a joke. He cares. Look no further then the last week. Cutting players that were in the starting lineup and now, taking out the coach and long time GM and Flyer icon, Bobby Clarke.

I wonder who will be willing to trade for Forsberg, Knuble, Rathje, and Hatcher. I'm sure they will be on the block (probably today).
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