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Originally Posted by sutoazul View Post
WRRROONGGG! Taking the first pitch was huge!! C'mon if you get paid 119 Million, u should know they will throw 1 fast ball or maybe 2 if you get the max count. He should have expected that fast ball on the first pitch.
Ok, so what happens if you're sitting on a fastball and you get an offspeed pitch and hit a week pop fly to Pujols? How's that going to sit with everyone?

He had only faced the guy once before...

Then the last curve ball, what the hell is he thinking that ball was right in the middle, not inside or a little outside right in the least place the bat outthere see if u can get any contact but don't just freeze up and let them strike u out like that. He choke big time. Beltran sucks.
That broke how far again, like 6 feet? That's one of the best curves in the NL...
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