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whoopsie freakin doo, we beat the Raiders at home 13-3!!

Jake Plummer PASSING 11/18 102 5.7 0 0
Jake Plummer RUSHING 6 30 5.0 0 19

Rod Smith 1 12 12.0 0 12

3rd down efficiency

Do you really think Shanahan has any confidence left in Plummer as an actual passer? He is making him one dimensional, He has turned him into an athlete playing QB. He has no confidence in him as a pure passer, let alone a WC Offense QB.It may be worse than Marty Ball. I guess Mike realizes that the D is really good esp. the secondary and the DL has improved in getting to the QB. The LBs are all Pro Bowl Caliber. Javon Walker is easily the number one receiver and with a real strong armed and accurate passer would be going to the Pro Bowl one year after tearing up his knee.

I have a hunch that it's painfully obvious to everyone in the organization RIGHT NOW during practices that Cutler is easily the WAY BETTER QB. By this point just judging by his mechanics, talent and his intagibles along with his natural coolness and poise in the pocket that he should be the one starting and can take over the reigns no problem.

The only reason why MS can't pull the plug on Plummer is because of player loyalty. I believe MS is purposely at this point handcuffing Plummer, MS gave him a chance and really let Mike down in the opener. The playbook has been dramatically scaled back since the STL game. MS lost total trust in Plummer, i bet he was shocked that Plummer came out and played so poor after his last showing in the AFCC and having a whole offseason to atleast improve his ability to go through his reads and make smart accurate throws.

MS is trying to make it a point that Cutler is ready to play and take over. He is smart enough to let the team make the decision for him. This type of offense is completely unacceptable for the type of standards Mike has established. Easily more anemic than even the Griese years.

No fire, no attack mentality, the bootleg has gotten old, since teams can take it away by just playing honest and waiting on Plummer to lead the D player to the ball.

MS is a really stubborn man, he knows that his approach may cost us a loss or two but he can't devide the team. Shanahan will replace Plummer before the season is over. Honestly he owes it to his players
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