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BOOM! Winner.

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Broncos FO

I love winning, and I love having a QB who executes the offense that our Head Coach wants to run regardless of how many Bronco fans want us to run a different one. We made our kill stroke with Javon Walker followed by a Tatum Bell TD. We would have had another TD if Sapp hadn't dropped a well-thrown pass on the goal line. No big deal, we didn't even need the Field Goal we got instead.We beat a dangerous winless Raider squad. Jesus-even when Moss was showing some leadership skills all of a sudden. You'd have to be a moron to think the Raiders were laying down for us in this game and we came out of it with a win. I'm really starting to like the all blue uni's by the way. Kind of funny to be the good guys in Navy with OAK wearing white.

By the way, there were a lot of drops tonight. And I mean players were dropping some well thrown balls. I noticed four obviously poorly thrown balls by Plummer in the Pats game but the only one that stands out in my mind from this one was the checkdown to Bell.
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